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Category Archives: Surgical Orthodontics

Instead Of Waiting For Teeth Problems To Become Prominent, Schedule Your Child’s Orthopedic Exam Today

By the time a child hits age 7, some of their permanent teeth have grown in, and an orthopedic exam can determine if crowding problems or other bite issues are present. Parents do not need a referral, and if they feel that their child can benefit from treatment, help is only a phone call away…. read more

Orthodontics When You Have Periodontitis

Braces work by attaching a stiff metal wire to your teeth (or by using a custom-made plastic appliance for Invisalign) and applying a small but steady pressure to your teeth. Your teeth can move because your bones are alive: the pressure tells the bone cells in the way to dissolve while the cells on the… read more

Orthodontic Headgear Is Ugly, But Necessary

For the average self-conscious child, braces are bad enough. That’s why modern orthodontics offer less visible alternatives like ceramic braces, Invisalign appliances, and lingual braces that go on the inside of your teeth. But sometimes a child’s jaw needs more help than what braces can offer. Sometimes an underbite or overbite is so serious that… read more

When Is Orthodontic Surgery Necessary?

Properly aligned teeth make for a good smile and a healthy mouth, and orthodontists have a lot of tools, appliances, and other options to help make the top and bottom teeth match up. But while appliances like braces, palatal expanders, and retainers can do a lot of good for properly aligning teeth, there are some… read more

Have Your Child’s Oral Health Screened As Soon As Possible

You know you should take your child to the dentist for annual cleanings, and you work hard to enforce strong brushing habits twice a day with your children. Unfortunately, this could all be rendered useless if they do not get the orthodontic care that they need. Identifying problems with your child’s oral profile early will… read more

Orthodontic Services You May Not Know About

A trip to the orthodontist’s office is inextricably linked in most people’s minds with tooth straightening. Alignment is certainly the bread and butter of most orthodontic practices, but it is by no means the only service we offer at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics in Huntington, Long Island. Before you decide whether or not you need to… read more