Hidden Braces,
Spectacular Smile

If you want to straighten your teeth but don’t want to show off the metal of traditional braces, lingual braces can give you a tremendous cosmetic alternative. You can get a straighter smile, and no one has to know you’re in treatment!


About Lingual Braces

With lingual braces, only your smile shows because Dr. Parikh bonds your brackets behind your teeth instead of in the front. Lingual braces work like traditional braces do, by applying gentle pressure to your teeth.

At Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, we offer Incognito hidden braces and the revolutionary treatment systems from InBrace, and Brava™ by Brius®.

InBrace Hidden Treatment

No matter where your teeth start, they’ll end up beautifully straight. Our InBrace hidden braces at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics use a customized Smartwire that Dr. Parikh places behind your teeth and gently straightens your smile.

With InBrace from Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, you won’t deal with any painful monthly tightenings, no trays to remove, and no visible wires—just stunning results.

Behind Your Teeth

Your personalized Smartwire is placed behind your teeth so only you and Dr. Parikh know it’s there.


Your custom Smartwires from Hidden Smiles Orthodontics apply gentle and constant force—essentially your treatment on autopilot.


Free to Live

With InBrace treatment at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, you can eat, drink, brush, and floss as you typically would.


Less Ick

InBrace has no visible brackets and wires, no stains or clear aligners to take out and keep track of.


Brava™ by Brius®

Brava by Brius is a breakthrough treatment that combines the best features of metal braces and clear aligners. Dr. Parikh placed your customized movers on the backs of your teeth, so Brava gives you a truly invisible option.

Brava by Brius takes a whole new approach to straightening your smile. That means more efficient treatment in fewer appointments. You can complete treatment with Brava in a year or less, when other treatments could last up to two years!

There’s not any wire connecting the tooth movers, so each tooth moves independently yet at the same time.

Brava Benefits

Faster Treatment

Dr. Parikh can use the custom Brius independent movers to treat all kinds of orthodontic problems in fewer appointments.

Remarkably Hygienic

Brava features no wires and small brackets, so it’s easier to brush and floss during your treatment at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics.

Totally Invisible

Nobody can see the Brava behind your teeth, so you can keep talking and smiling just like you do now.

Made for All Ages

Dr. Parikh customizes Brava for kids, teens adults, and even senior citizens!


Get Started

Since Dr. Parikh custom-designs your brackets to fit your teeth, they’re more comfortable than other options once you get used to them.

See if lingual braces are right for you at your free consultation at our office in Huntington.