Top-Tier Tech for Your Teeth

Hidden Smiles Orthodontics believes in investing in our patients. That’s why we invest in state-of-the-art resources, like LightForce clear braces.

LightForce Clears Your Schedule, Too!

Dr. Parikh uses LightForce technology to create tailored ceramic braces built to identically match the particular shape and position of your bite. LightForce clear braces fit your teeth so well, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Dr. Parikh uses this innovative treatment to give you a safe, secure, and streamlined experience in our Huntington office.

Getting customized treatment at Hidden Braces Orthodontics translates into less time in the waiting room and quicker visits. As much as we like seeing you, this means you get to spend more time with family!

LightForce Is Strong

  • Effective Appliances (courtesy of braces that conform to your exact bite)
  • Exemplary Outcomes (a 21st-century protocol that gives you something to smile about)
  • Foolproof Fit (thanks to 3D technology, you’ll benefit from braces that are aces)

Tomorrow’s Teeth Tech Today

LightForce braces from Hidden Smiles Orthodontics present you with a fit suited for your smile, meaning less trouble, an even, upright bite, and a more efficient treatment timeframe.

LightForce is tomorrow’s solution to tooth straightening: it’s more effective, more convenient, and keeps the patient the #1 focus of the treatment.

LightForce vs. Metal Braces

When compared to metal braces, clear braces are less visible.  Yet LightForce clear braces further complement a patient’s natural smile.

Thanks to compact segments and its polycrystalline (tooth-colored) material, you’ll hardly notice these braces in your mouth. Not only are they more comfortable, LightForce braces more capably move your jaw than conventional braces.

Concerned about metal braces drawing too much attention? The almost-invisible veneer of LightForce clear braces make them an ideal choice. At Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, older teens and adult patients can use them to easily straighten their teeth.

LightForce Clear Braces Huntington NY
LightForce Typodont

Talk to Dr. Parikh About LightForce

Following a complete orthodontic exam with Dr. Parikh, we can recommend which treatment option will best accommodate you and your smile.

Take your first step towards your renewed smile with a free consultation at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics.

Come to our office in Huntington to see how LightForce clear braces improve your lifestyle.