When Do I Get My Braces Off?

The day you get your braces on is such an exciting day, but even with the thrill of a new set of brackets and wires, we know you’re already looking forward to the day they come off. We hear the question all the time: when do I get my braces off? 

Although you may be looking for one specific answer, so many factors play into how long you’ll be wearing braces. From the type of treatment you choose to the severity of your condition, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment time. 

Luckily, our team at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics can help you get one step closer to an answer. Keep reading to learn more about the factors that play into treatment length!

Reasons for Treatment

Do you know how there are no two fingerprints that are the same? The same goes with smiles. Every smile is unique, and that means that the duration of your treatment plan is unique as well. We can make a general estimate for how long treatment might last, but it all depends on the severity of your oral health issues. 

For example, someone with a more severe condition, like severely displaced teeth or an extreme malocclusion, may experience a longer treatment time than someone with milder symptoms like crowding or spacing. 

Your Age During Treatment

You’re never too old to start your smile success journey! At Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, we are proud to serve patients of all ages from age seven to 75. However, your treatment plan may change depending on your age, and your treatment time may change with it. 

In general, children wear braces for a shorter amount of time than adults. Because their jaws and facial bones are still growing, they’re more reactive to treatment. It’s easier to steer their teeth in the right direction because they’re already on the move. 

Once you’ve reached your early twenties, however, your jawbones stop growing, which means it may take a little more effort and time to get the results you want from orthodontic treatment. Don’t let that keep you from getting the smile you deserve, though! With a range of treatment plans, Dr. Parikh will find the one that works for you and your smile. 

When Do I Get My Braces Off?

Your Commitment to Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a team effort. Although Dr. Parikh will develop your treatment plan, apply your braces, and adjust them at each appointment, it’s up to you to follow her instructions between appointments. 

Follow Directions: Compliance is a huge factor in how long you should expect to wear your braces.  Keeping your teeth and gums healthy throughout the treatment process is part of this — maintaining a solid oral hygiene routine and following our recommendations can sometimes decrease the total treatment time, but failing to do so can slow treatment down.

Make Your Follow-Up Appointments: You also need to keep up with your follow-up appointments with Dr. Parikh. These appointments are an essential part of the treatment plan, and they allow us to assess how your teeth move and make any necessary adjustments. While we understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment from time to time, you should stick to the schedule as closely as possible to ensure your treatment plan stays on track. 

Take Care of Your Braces or Aligners: Treating your braces or aligners recklessly can also push your treatment schedule back. You can do your part by avoiding any crunchy or sticky foods if you’re in braces, as these can weaken the bond strength of the brackets. Although we don’t consider it an emergency if a bracket breaks or comes loose, we will want to rebond it as soon as possible. No active tooth movement can occur when a bracket isn’t properly bonded to the teeth, adding time to the treatment process. Be sure to contact our office if you experience any damage to your appliance.

Your Body’s Response to Treatment

Your body is different from anyone else’s. Things like bone density, gum tissue thickness, and chewing patterns can vary widely from person to person. Oral habits such as clenching or grinding the teeth can impact your treatment. 

Because of the physical factors that vary from person to person, working with a highly-experienced orthodontist like Dr. Parikh is essential. As a trained orthodontist, she’s an expert in facial bone structure and knows precisely how to adapt your treatment plan to your specific needs. Our team’s personalized approach to your smile will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time!

Be Patient

You know what they say: good things come to those who wait! Whichever treatment method you choose, it’s important to remember that nothing lasts forever. When you’re an orthodontic patient, It might feel like treatment will never end. But eventually, your treatment will be complete, and you’ll be saying hello to your beautiful new smile! 

Hidden Smiles Orthodontics offers a range of affordable treatment options to move your teeth as comfortably, efficiently, and quickly as possible. Going into your treatment journey, you may not have an exact date that treatment will be completed, but we’ll give you an estimated time before you begin.

In general, treatment usually lasts between 12 and 36 months, but this estimate depends on the factors listed above. If you’re using a transparent aligner system like Invisalign, it may take slightly less time to achieve your desired results.

When Do I Get My Braces Off?

Dr. Parikh Has You Covered!

There is no one-size-fits-all option for orthodontic treatment, and that’s why it’s so important to choose an expert like Dr. Parikh. Whether you’re in braces for a short period or the long haul, our team at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics will make sure your smile is straight and healthy when the journey is over. 

The one thing we can guarantee is that the longer you put off your free consultation, the longer you’ll have to wait until you see your beautiful smile! So don’t wait. Schedule your first appointment today!

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