10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

Are you considering starting orthodontic treatment? It’s normal to feel nervous about braces, especially if you’ve heard rumors about the treatment process. Don’t worry; we’re here to help set the record straight! Let’s look at the ten most common myths about braces, why they’re wrong, and what you can expect from your journey with Hidden Smiles Orthodontics

#1 Braces are just for teens

When you hear “orthodontics,” do you immediately picture a teen in metal braces? This stereotype has had some staying power in pop culture. Many are surprised that orthodontic treatment is beneficial for patients of all ages! There is no age limit on achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, which can help improve your self-confidence and oral health.

#2 Braces will inhibit your ability to play certain instruments

One of the biggest misconceptions about braces is that they will affect your ability to play instruments. Thankfully, this isn’t true, and you won’t have to ditch your favorite hobby! There will be a slight adjustment period when getting started with orthodontic treatment. Still, you and your child won’t have to miss out on any performances and will be able to continue to make beautiful music!  

#3 Braces will severely limit what you can eat

One of the most significant learning curves as an orthodontic patient is food restrictions. It’s essential to avoid anything sticky or crunchy during treatment to protect your teeth and braces. This includes popcorn, raw veggies like apples and carrots, and candy with nuts, caramel, or other chewy bits. But remember, this is only temporary, and you can still enjoy plenty of delicious food! While food restrictions are a mild inconvenience, seeing your beautiful new smile will be more than worth it.

#4 Braces will be painful

Your braces will not cause any long-term discomfort or pain, so don’t let this myth scare you! This is one of new patients’ most significant concerns about the treatment process, but it’s nothing to worry about. You may have mild discomfort when you first get your braces, but this is only temporary as your teeth adjust. You may also experience some irritation or soreness following your adjustment appointments. But, this will resolve itself after a short period. 

#5 Metal braces will set off metal detectors

We hear this mentioned a lot from patients who travel frequently. Going through airport security is stressful enough; you shouldn’t worry about setting off the metal detectors! The high-quality metals used for braces don’t use the same materials that a metal detector picks up. So rest assured that no one will notice your braces when traveling where metal detectors are present. Unless, of course, you show them your beautiful smile.

#6 Braces straighten your teeth forever

This one may be more wishful thinking than myth! While braces are an excellent solution for straightening your teeth and correcting your bite, our teeth aren’t fond of being moved from their original positions. This is why it takes a lot of pressure from aligners or braces to shift them. 

However, you cannot maintain that support indefinitely without a bit of help. When you complete your treatment at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics, we’ll give you a retainer to help keep your teeth in their new, straighter positions. 

#7 The wires on your braces will require frequent changes

The wires on your braces will need to be changed occasionally, but this won’t happen at every visit. It’s essential to attend regular follow-up visits throughout your treatment process. These visits mainly consist of checking the movement of your teeth, ensuring that everything progresses smoothly, and making minor adjustments.

#8 Braces take years to straighten your smile

Your treatment time will depend on several factors, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer since everyone’s smile is unique. It can depend on how your teeth respond to treatment, the desired improvements, the severity of your case, and more. On average, patients spend anywhere from 12-36 months in treatment, but this may be longer or shorter for your unique smile. 

10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

#9 Braces are only helpful for straightening teeth

Braces are good for straightening teeth and can help resolve other oral health issues. Misaligned jaws and teeth may increase difficulty with everyday tasks like speaking, eating, and caring for your teeth. We can address and correct these issues with orthodontic treatment. Braces have several hidden benefits, including improved digestion, oral health, chewing, and speech.

#10 Braces are the only option for straightening your teeth 

You may think traditional braces are the only way to straighten and correct your smile, but they’re not! Hidden Smiles Orthodontics offers clear ceramic and lingual braces to our patients in Huntington

Each option can correct various issues and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. However, it is essential to remember that what works well for one patient may not be the best fit for another. When you schedule your free consultation with Dr. Parikh, she’ll be able to examine your teeth and recommend the option that will work best for your specific needs.

Find your best smile with braces by Hidden Smiles Orthodontics

Choosing to proceed with orthodontic treatment is a big decision, and we appreciate your trust in our expert team. Our top priority is providing you with a rewarding orthodontic experience and personalized treatment plan so that you can see exceptional results. We’re here for you whether you are considering braces or already have an appointment! 

Get in touch to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Parikh or discuss your concerns with us! Your satisfaction is as important to us as your smile.