How Accelerated Orthodontics Can Speed Up Your Treatment

One of the biggest concerns we hear from patients at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics is how long treatment will take. No one wants to spend forever in braces, and our team uses innovative technology to get you in and out of braces up to 50% faster! When you visit our Huntington office, you can enjoy a convenient, hassle-free treatment with Propel accelerated orthodontics. But what is Propel, and how does it work? Our team is exploring how accelerated orthodontics can speed up your treatment and give you the smile you deserve. 

What is Propel?

Many patients—especially adults—cringe at the thought of spending years straightening their teeth. The Propel accelerated orthodontics system helps alleviate your concerns and make your treatment quicker. 

The Propel Excellerator™ Series is a line of chair-side devices that Dr. Parikh can use with metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and even temporary anchorage devices (TADs). 

Propel works with your body’s natural biology to stimulate the bone around your teeth to accelerate the movement and increase treatment times. 

Dr. Parikh can incorporate the procedure at regular appointments and complete a session in minutes. It enhances the predictability and comfort during your treatment while making teeth move faster to safely cut treatment time by up to 50% and reduce your number of overall visits. 

While it varies from patient to patient, most people can achieve the desired results in less than a year.

How the Propel device works

Several things can influence the duration of your orthodontic treatment, but the most significant factor is the rate of bone remodeling. 

Soft tissues (your gums and periodontal membrane) and underlying hard tissues (alveolar bone) support your teeth. As orthodontic appliances like braces or aligners apply steady, gentle pressure, the teeth start to get a little loose, and the bone breaks down, is reabsorbed, and then rebuilt. This process is known as remodeling. 

As the bone remodels, the teeth can move, allowing new bone to form and fill in the space where they once were. Eventually, the alveolar bone regenerates completely and secures the teeth where we want them. Cells, including those that cause inflammation, control this whole process.

The Propel device makes micro-osteoperforations (MOPs), or tiny perforations that are the size of a pinhole in the bone around the teeth. The MOPs encourage a natural inflammatory response and stimulate the release of the cells involved in the breakdown of the bone. This kicks off bone remodeling and accelerates tooth movement.

This process might sound intimidating, but you’ll love to know that Propel is gentle and discomfort during the procedure is minimal. It only takes Dr. Parikh a few minutes, and we can even numb the area first, so you don’t feel a thing. 

What to expect from Propel treatments

Most people need one or two Propel treatments, but more could be necessary if you need more complex tooth movements. Propel treatment is all-natural and works with your biology without needing medications, surgery, or any extra appliances.

There’s no recovery time, and you can return to your regular daily schedule right after your appointment. 

Your mouth might be slightly sensitive immediately following your appointment, but it will go away in a day or two. You mustn’t take anti-inflammatory pain medication like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Inflammation is good since the inflammatory response is how Propel works magic to speed up orthodontic treatment.

Avoid spicy foods and anything with citric acid (e.g., orange juice, lemons, limes) for several days because the treatment area can feel a bit like when pizza burns the roof of your mouth.

While the micro-perforations are healing, swish with undiluted hydrogen peroxide twice a day to keep your mouth sparkling clean and disinfected. 

Benefits of Propel treatment

  • Treatment times increased by up to 50%
  • Quicker tooth movement AND quicker healing
  • No downtime after treatment
  • It works with braces and Invisalign
  • Clinically-proven results and safe for your smile
How Accelerated Orthodontics Can Speed Up Your Treatment

Who is a candidate for Propel accelerated orthodontics?

Propel is effective in most orthodontic cases, but every situation is different. The only way to be sure that Propel is right for your case is through a professional orthodontic evaluation in our Huntington office. 

During your first visit, our team will take detailed scans and X-rays of your teeth, and Dr. Parikh will use these records to get a clear picture of what’s going on with your teeth and jaws.

Learn more about accelerated orthodontics at Hidden Smiles Orthodontics

No one wants to spend forever in braces, but everyone wants a beautiful smile. Accelerated treatment from Hidden Smiles Orthodontics can give you the stunning results you want in nearly half the time of traditional treatment. To learn more about this revolutionary way to straighten your smile, contact our Huntington office to schedule an appointment today.

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